Hanging Rack Cabinet Black RAL9004 19" 6U 600mm

VAT-inclusive price

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More and more home devices to LAN, RTV, CCTV installations are made with a view to the RACK system, so that their installation is aesthetically pleasing, and that devices are protected against accidental mechanical damages.
The 90EPRADOR196U-600 cabinet is suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19" rack housings. Ideal solution for installing DVRs, power units, splitters, headends, network devices, etc. Inside the cabinet can be also place the devices that are not in standard RACK-19" housings, for example DVRs, multiswitches, RTV-SAT amplifiers, modulators. For this purpose the user should mount additional shelf/shelves (not included) available for RACK cabinet.
The RACK cabinet has many openings ensuring adequate air circulation. Additionally, it is possible to install fans to increase the ventilation.
Wall mounting with: mounting bracket for hanging cabinets 90A19-AL (not included in the kit) or hangers (not included). 

Technical Features
Internal width: 19 "
Internal height: 6 U
Internal depth: 505 mm
External width: 570 mm
External height: 368 mm
External depth: 600 mm
Holes for fan coolers: 105  x 105 mm (2 places)
Color: Black RAL9004
·  Front: glass
·  Side: metal, snap-in
Main features:
·  Holes for cables: in rear panel, on top, in the bottom
·  Removable side panels
·  Possibility to mount the door as left or right
·  2 keys included
·  2 pcs Rack rails to mounting the devices
Weight: 16 kg