UPS EASY NILOX 1040 1040VA/520W, 10 min

VAT-inclusive price

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EASY UPS NILOX 1040, the best protection from the problems to the power supply for your computer and your data.
Installation is very simple and takes a few seconds to ensure the continuity of your computer's performance, even during a power failure, an episode of variation of the supply voltage (undervoltage / overvoltage) or a small microinterruption.
The new UPS Nilox 520 Watt active in its role as a stabilizer and filter noise present on the power supply (transients, spikes, various interference) could then preserve the devices connected to its output thanks to the constant maintenance of adequate power.
This UPS is therefore particularly suitable for protecting your PC and LAN Server and is easily installed in any environment operativo.Segnali lighting and sound support in the understanding of the activities from time to time put into the product to simplify its use.


UPS Model

EASY 1040

MAX power load on computer

1040 VA (520W)

Rated input voltage

220/230 v

Input voltage tolerance

+20 / -25%

Input frequency tolerance

± 5%

Nominal voltage output

220 / 230v

Overload capacity


Rated voltage batteries

12 Vdc

Charging time (typical)

8 hours

Noise level (at 1 meter)

<40 dBA




3.1 Kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

8 x 17.6 x 23 cm