VLS / 300 relay unit remote actuator BPT

VAT-inclusive price

666 Raccolta Punti

Unit Relay for auxiliary services (control lights, openings, ringtones, etc.).

Made of plastic case for installation in control cabinets (EN50022), size 4 DIN modules below.

IP30 protection. The unit has 2 relay with a changeover contact with breaking 22 A resistive (1A inductive) voltage max 250V AC (excitation coil power supply 10 / 14V AC or 14 / 18V DC - 50 mA).

The two relays are associated by default to control door opener and AUX2. It is also equipped with 6 switches for programming the control, 1 potentiometer for adjusting the activation time of relay 1 (door opener) and one LED for indicating the state of receiving data from the bus line.

Unit of measure NR
Width 70 mm
Height 145 mm
Depth 64.5 mm
Module DIN 4
Weight 00:22 KG
Maximum base package 120 mm
Basic minimum package 85 mm
Box height 85 mm
Package weight 0.22mm
Mounting Type DIN RAIL
Temp. Operation Min 0 °
Temp. Max + 35 °


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