Video receiver with handset 3.5" colour LCD display white AGATA VC

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The new generation video receiver line from BPT is now completed with the eagerly-awaited handset model. Agata is available in audio or video receiver versions, in colour or B/W, with Basic or Building functions. All united by the great ease of use, functionality, clean design and style continuity with other BPT new generation models. One look and you will know that Agata has all the qualities to win you over.
Video receiver with handset, 3.5 colour LCD display, white - AGATA VC VIDEO HANDSET Cod. 62100370



Technical characteristics - AGATA Video receiver (Basic/ Building version)
Display : Display 3.5" LCD (Colour or B/W Cod.62100460)
Handset : Yes
Basic Version functions 
Door lock release, Self-connection of video from entry panels with cyclic selection, Ringtone disabling with bright alert, Video transfer (system X1), Colour saturation adjustment  (contrast for the B/W version), Brightness adjustment , Ringtone volume control, 2 commands for activating auxiliary functions , Master/Slave function (system X1)
Installation : Wall-mount with dedicated support
Colors : white
Dimensions (lxhxp): 170x190x30,9 mm
Technical details
  • Brand : BPT
  • Measure Unit: NR
  • Weight: 0,710 Kg
  • Package maximum width: 252,00 mm
  • Package minimum width: 223,00 mm
  • Package height: 85,00 mm
  • Package weight: 0,710 Kg