Colour hands-free video receiver with 7" LCD display B Futura X2

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The video receiver with user-friendly 7" display that's perfect in any room thanks to its simple but sophisticated design. 
Ease of use with Bpt technology to the max. Futura is the video receiver that can be integrated with Bpt's Home Sapiens home automation system, and can exchange information and audio and video messages with connected systems.
Available for X1, XIP and X2 systems, FUTURA has the following features common to all models:
  • Hands-free audio
  • Soft touch buttons
  • 7" full colour TFT LCD display (800x480 pixel)
  • Wall mounted or in recessed box
  • Available in black or white
  • Dimensions: 212x161x28 mm (lxhxd) wall mounted - 212x161x10.5 mm (lxhxd) embedded 


Colour hands-free video receiver with 7" LCD display with "Picture Capture" function for saving images. Soft touch buttons X2 System. Wall-mounted installation Colour - Black.

Technical characteristics - FUTURA X2
Display: Colour TFT LCD 7" display. 
Hands-free audio: Hands-free audio
Installation: Wall-mounted or in recessed box
Colors: Black Fusion
Dimensions (lxhxp): 212x161x28mm
  • Door lock release, 
  • Answering and hanging up , 
  • Self-connection of entry panels video with cyclic selection,
  • Ringtone volume level control, 
  • Mute during call / Disabling ringtone with warning light, 
  • "Panic" button (SOS) to call the concierge for help, 
  • Video toggle function,
  • Master/Slave function, 
  • Brightness level control, 
  • Colour level control, 
  • AUX1,
  • AUX2/call to concierge, 
  • 8 keys for intercom calls
  • Picture Capture to save pictures coming in from the entry panel,
  • Settings via OSD,
  • 4-wire input for one entry panel per floor, Separate power supply