Micro camera AHD 1080p CMOS 1/3" OSD optical 3.6mm - Black

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Miniature camera FULL HD - AHD @ 1080p (1920 × 1080p) CMOS 1/3 "SONY IMX222; Nextchip DSP system (NVP2431H AHD); fixed lens 3.6mm + IR-CUT filter and integrated OSD menu.
Standard AHD 1080p "Analog high definition" resolutions with optimized performance and can achieve resolutions Live Live and Recording (REC) in FULL HD 1080p (1920x1080P) previously only achievable using IP technology or HDCVI from 2Mpx.
The new technology of DSP Nextchip NVP2441H AHD processor makes the shooting image quality (REC) of the camera clearly superior to earlier resolution technology (CIF, D1, WD1 @ 960H, AHD @ 720p) allowing you to get the maximum recording file details with Full HD 1080p resolution (1920x1080P).
The AHD cameras do not support most CCD image sensors but rather Megapixel CMOS sensors that allow clear shots in a high-noise image processing capabilities both day and night, thanks to the IR-CUT mechanical filter present on all the AHD camera. (Note: for optimum filming of "night" we recommend the purchase of an external infrared illuminator, available on our web store).
The camera Mod . 9024M36 One of 1 cm (3cm thickness of camera lens) .Despite the small size of the smaller AHD category, only 3 cm per side and thickness, incorporates an OSD menu with a variety of control functions.
OSD (On-Screen-Display Configuration).
Via a remote control placed between the camera cables, you can program all camera functions through a screen OSD menu. Among the main programmable functions include the following:
White Balance (White Balance) - Several options available to make the best shades of white, depending on the type of lighting.
D-WDR - This feature is able to deliver the best image clarity in difficult light situations, analyzing and exposing to different degrees of brightness of the various areas of the image. Automatic function of the processor and not manually settable.
Threshold Day / Night - E 'can program the transition mode between the daytime color vision and night vision in white / black.
Privacy zones - This feature allows you to set masking areas to make invisible zones that you want to exclude from the surveillance requirements of protection of privacy.
Sense UP - Allows the extension of the light sensitivity of the minimum lighting levels. This function consists in the accumulation of multiple frames and in delivering clearer picture, contrasted and less noisy.
Defog - This new feature can be used to improve image clarity in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog
3D NR (Noise reduction New Version) - This innovative feature enables the digital noise reduction in the image allowing you to shoot moving subjects and play them back in a sharp image, defined and free of blur.
Note: The AHD cameras do not predispose to UTC technology; therefore they are not compatible with the remote UTC.
External structure in black aluminum, ideal for indoor environments (Waterproof IP20). Its small size makes the product applicable to the wall or ceiling while using less space as possible; but mostly making its presence more hidden from prying eyes.
Model designed for analog CCTV video surveillance applications that require high resolution and without latency, while maintaining all the simple installation of simple coaxial cabling.

Standard: AHD, PAL
Sensor: 1/2.9 " Sony CMOS
Resolution: 1920 x 1080  - 1080p - AHD-H
960 x 576  - PAL, 960H
Lens: 3.6 mm
View angle:
·  66 ° (manufacturer data)
·  78 ° (our tests result)
Min. illumination: 0.001 Lux
Video output: 1 Vpp / 75 Ω - AHD-M, PAL
Audio: No
Main features:
·  Sense-UP - (Slow Shutter) - Increase the sensor sensitivity max. x 30 
·  D-WDR - Wide Dynamic Range
·  DNR - Digital Noise Reduction
·  F-DNR (Defog) - Reduction of image noise caused by precipitation
·  Motion Detection - max. 4 zones
·  Privacy zones - max. 4
·  BLC - configurable Back Light Compensation
·  HSBLC - High Light Compensation (spot)
·  Mirror - Mirror image
·  image "freeze"
·  Sharpness - sharper image outlines
·  Monitor type correction - LCD/CRT
OSD menu: Yes
Housing: Mini, Metal
Color: Black
Application: The camera is designed for indoor use, due to the possibility of steam condensation.
Power supply: 12 V DC / 90 mA
Operation temp: -10 °C ... 50 °C
Weight: 0.07 kg
Dimensions: 30  x 30  x 29 mm
NOTE: The analogue cameras AHD support resolution 1920 X1080p (in Rec) only if connected with DVR AHD 1080p that support this technology. You can also connect cameras to DVR using normal resolutions: CIF, D1, WD1 (960H).
SWITCHING 960H / AHD @ 1080P:
Connect the camera to the DVR and power;
- Switching to 960H: Press the OSD bringing the directional sensor control (Jack joypad) on the left side for a few seconds.
- Switching to AHD@1080p: Press the OSD bringing the directional sensor control (Jack joypad) on the right side for a few seconds.


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