UTC remote controller OSD remote CCTV 960H / AHD@1080p

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UTC remote control remote functions OSD CCTV. Compatible with analog cameras 960H or  AHD@1080p technology "UTC".
The remote UTC XT-KTRTVC allows you to remote control, without the use of the RS485 connection, the OSD of video surveillance cameras simply by sending the control signal to the camera video cable.
In fact, it does not require any complex installation, connection is interposing the controller UTC between camera and DVR allowing you to manage and edit all the features in the camera OSD menu. This greatly facilitates the work of the installer, you can directly configure the display parameters of the camera without having to physically access to it.
A unique and original, ideal for private or installers usfruiscono applications / security installations such as video surveillance.
For more details visiona video and photos of this card.
Product compatible with all line Ixtrima AHD @ 1080P - 2.4MPX

  • Compatible technology only with cameras "UTC"
  • Login BNC female
  • Outlet   BNC male
  • Power supply: CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
  • Maximum distance to the camera:   200 meters
  • Cable length:   1 meter
  • Size:   47 (W) x110 (H)
  • Weight:   65 g