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TRIPLEX Analog DVR AHD / IP digital 4CH BNC channels with AHD technology 720p (1280 x 720P) / 1080N (960 x 1080 px) , 1CH audio input, 1CH audio output and management of multilingual menu. Possibility of viewing by computer (Web / Client) and smartphones (Android and iOS - Free Application XMEye).
The DVR, thanks to the characteristic Triplex allows you to manage three different CCTV technologies: CCTV Technology 960H, AHD Analog and digital IP.
Thanks to the new modes of operation "AHD-NH" (1920x1080N) can be connected to the standards (AHD @ 720p - AHD @ 1080p - PAL @ 960H) in any scheme, example: 2 x AHD-M + 2 x IP@720p, 1 x AHD-H + 2 x AHD-M + 1 x PAL or whatever. This feature makes it different from other models TRIPLEX, because you are forced to comply with a precise standard coupling scheme. Furthermore it is possible, through the use of a switch, the system also associate cameras with IP technology. For more information on the connection diagram, see the diagram shown in this description.
The AHD cameras, combined with AHD VCRs, provide high megapixel resolution, without latency, while maintaining all the simplicity of installation, robustness and cost-effectiveness of an analog system.
Feature highlights:
  • Triplex Function: Analog cameras Management 960H / AHD@720p / AHD@1080N / IP
  • Video output HDMI (Full HD 1080P) or VGA video output.
  • Compression Method Video: H.264 - Adjustable in 6 levels.
  • Frame quality and individually selectable.
  • Setting Mainstream (live) and the substream (remote).
  • record storage format (.avi) USB drive (pendrive).
  • Overwrite Thunderstorm indicated in days (24 hours).
  • Recording Mode: Manual, motion detection, programming
  • Multi-user management with selectable permits.
  • Network function with software or IE browser management.
  • cycle mode.
Triplex management - Connection diagram using one or more CCTV technologies:
  • 4 x AHD-NH
  • 4 x AHD-M
  • 4 x AHD-L / PAL
  • 2 x AHD-M + 2 x IP 720p
  • 4 x IP 1080p
  • 8 x IP 960p
  • 8 x IP 720p

AHD-NH: The 4 x AHD-NH mode allows for any combination of the AHD-H, AHD-M, PAL cameras, eg.: 1 x AHD-H + 2 x AHD-M + 1 x PAL.

Note: In mode 4 x AHD-NH the AHD-H 1080p cameras are recorded in 960 x 1080 px resolution.

Package Contents:
  • VCR Triplex AHD
  • Power supply 12V 2Ah
  • Mouse
  • Hard drives NOT INCLUDED


Download manual

Download CD (Software & smartphone app)

Technical features
Video inputs:
4 pcs BNC - AHD, CVBS
Video outputs:
1 pcs HDMI
1 pcs VGA
Audio inputs:
1 pcs CINCH
Audio outputs:
1 pcs CINCH
Image compression method:
Number of compression levels:
Image records resolutions:
AHD-M (1280 x 720) 
AHD-L, PAL (960 x 582) 
PAL (704 x 576) 
Maximal total frame rate:
100 fps @ 1280 x 720 px,
100 fps @ 960 x 582 px,
100 fps @ 704 x 576 px,
Recording speed adjustment:
1 ... 25 fps @ 1280 x 720 px
1 ... 25 fps @ 960 x 582 px
1 ... 25 fps @ 704 x 576 px
for each channel
Operation modes:
·  4 x AHD-M
·  2 x AHD-M + 2 x PAL
·  4 x PAL
Recording modes:
Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule
Supported hard drives:
1  x 6 TB SATA
External storage devices backup:
Records backup at (.avi) format to USB (pendrive)
Searching and playback the records:
Records searching: timeline or file list. Playback: forward, fast, slow.
Playback in the same time: 1x AHD camera or 4x PAL camera
Network functions:
Network Client Software and IE browser: live view, playback and backup the records, partial configuration of the recorder parameters
Mobile phones support:
Port no.: 34567 or access by a cloud
·  Android: Free application XMEye
·  iOS (iPhone): Free application XMEye
Alarm inputs / outputs:
PTZ control:
Motion Detection:
Split the screen into : 16 x 12  motion zones
Mouse support:
IR remote controller in the set:
Power supply:
12 V DC / 2 A (power adapter included)
0.46 kg
210  x 210  x 48 mm
Supported languages:
English, Czech, French, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Italian
Country of origin:

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