High Speed dome PTZ AHD 1080p 1/3" Sony IR LED 120M 18X OSD 7"

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Speed ​​Dome Camera 1 / 2.9 "CMOS SONY 2.4Mpx with optical Varifocale powered by 18X (f = 5.35mm-107mm) - with technology AHD @ 1080p, Full HD resolution (1920x1080p), compatible with the DVR AHD @ 1080p analog with RS485 port .
New line of speed dome cameras AHD 1080p "Analog high definition" resolutions optimized performance and can achieve resolutions Live Live and Recording (REC) in FULL HD 1080p (1920x1080P) first available only with IP technology or HDCVI from 2Mpx. The images taken by the cameras AHD offer all that wealth of detail and recognition of faces impossible to achieve with a traditional analog video surveillance system.
The High Speed ​​Dome prepares internally the new processor Nextchip NVP2441H AHD @ 1080p and basic CMOS sensor 1/2.9 "SONY IMX322. With the Pan / Tilt / Zoom PTZ speed dome camera offers a fast and precise movement on 'horizontal axis 360 °. Users can easily control the lens position via a mouse or a joystick to track the object of interest and set preset positions (Max. 220) to patrol. It also has infrared illuminator IR LED ¢ 22 * 22 = 8pcs, Ф16 = 6pcs, that will produce a maximum image resolution even at greater distances Max. 120M mink night.
Main functions:
Resolution Video Recording (REC) FULL HD 1080p @ AHD;
Guarding: The speed dome can make preset, pattern, cruise after small breaks.
Day / night, auto iris, backlight compensation BLC, and other manual functions can be selected from menus
Privacy mask
Alarming September
Iris Control
Motion detection
OSD Menu
Timing Running: programmed setting speed
The system is controlled via PTZ or through any AHD DVR or other device through the RS485 port.
Rigid aluminum frame white, with protection degree IP66 Waterproof - Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The camera prepares to internal ventilation system routing lets you manage and control overheating of the camera.
Protection system LPS (Lightning Protection System) that protects the camera lightning and surge.
Thanks to its High Speed ​​Dome camera XT-PT7B18A200 allows you to monitor large indoor or outdoor spaces. Indispensable wherever you need a high level of reliability and accuracy.
Note: Power supply, mounting bracket and printed manual (in English) included.
Warning: The speed dome cameras AHD @ 1080p, are compatible only with DVR AHD @ 1080p; because you can not make any video switching.

Image Sensor
1/2.9" CMOS Sony IMX322
(2.4Mpx CMOS sensor)
Horizontal resolution
PAL:1920(H)x1080(V) – FULL HD 1080p 2.4Mpx
Video Output
Lens / optics
18X optical zoom - (f = 5.35mm ~ 107mm)
F1.6 ~ F2.8
Signal / noise ratio S / N Ratio
> 50db
Day / night
Yes, with IR-CUT
OSD Supported
3D NR, BLC, WB, privacy zones
PTZ movements
Pan Range
360 ° continuous
Tilt Range
0 ° ~ 93 ° auto flip 180 °
Manual Pan Speed
0:02 ~ 100 ° / S
Manual Tilt Speed
0:02 ~ 50 ° / S
Car Flip
Horizontal 180 ° Vertical 93 °
Speed ​​Ratio
360 ° Scan
1-9 grades setting available
Scan AB
User programmable
AB Scan Speed
1-9 grades setting available
PWR on Action
Memory / Tour 1/360 scan / AB Scan / Preset 1-8 / None
Park Time
1-60mins setting available
Dwell Preset
5-60s interval available
Preset Points
Go to Preset Speed
200 ° / s
Guard Tours
4 groups
Guard Points
Max.16 points, dwell time user selectable
3D Location
Support (DH-SD1)
Auxiliary Interface
Communication protocol
Pelco-D, Pelco-P
Communication link
485 (+/-) / Coaxial Cable
Baud Rate
1200/2400/4800 / 9600bps
Operating temperature
Outdoor: -40 ° ~ + 60 °
Storage temperature
≤95% Non Condensing
Management and control overheating
Automatic function
Auto Control IR LED
22 * 22 = 6, Ф16 = 5
Lighting Distance IR LEDs
DC12V ≥4A
≤ 25W
Surge Protector (Lightning)
Transient voltage 6000V
Waterproof Protection
32x32x43 (cm) - 7"
4 kgs
IP66, CE, FCC, RoHs