Mobile recorder DVR 4CH Vehicle GPS D1 / CIFF H.264

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The 90PROTECT/104 is a mobile recorder designed to use in coaches, city buses, busses, trams, subway, corporate and personal vehicles and special vehicles ie. lorries, police cars, prison or military cars, ambulances.
The device has been specially designed so that exhibited increased resistance to oscillations and vibrations. Recorder supports 2 SD cards with capacity up to 128 GB each.
The power cables of the 90PROTECT/104 are connected to the car's battery and ignition (analogous to radio receiver), so when you turn the ignition device automatically begins recording the audio-video data. Additionally the device is equipped with a power backup and during 8 seconds after power loss is still recording. 

Technical Features
Video inputs: 4 pcs BNC
Video outputs: 1 pcs BNC
Audio inputs: 4 pcs CINCH
Audio outputs: 1 pcs CINCH
Resolution of recording video files: 720 x 576, 352 x 576, 352 x 288 
Maximal total frame rate: 100 fps @ 2 x D1  + 2 x CIF 
Max. capacity of memory card: 2 x 128 GB SD/SDHC
Compression: H.264
Number of compression levels:
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
RS-232: Yes
Alarm inputs / outputs: 4 / 1 
Memory storage for video recording: 0.28 ... 0.9 GB/h @ 720 x 576 
0.11 ... 0.35 GB/h @ 352 x 288 
Power supply: 8 ... 36  V DC, max. 10 W
Main features:
·  Powering the cameras with 12V DC voltage directly from recorder
·  Displaying the current GPS coordinates
·  Displaying the current vehicle speed
·  Automatically generated vehicle passing route displayed based on the stored GPS coordinates
·  Overloading chart of the accelerometer
Operation temp: -25 °C ... 70 °C
Permissible relative humidity: 20 % ... 95 % RH
Weight: 0.645 kg
Dimensions: 154  x 146  x 45 mm