4CH Video Amplifier Microcoax CCTV 2000MT

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The90-VCA4-1200 is designed to amplification of the video signal transmitted via coaxial cable, what enables video transmission up to 2000 m distance.
The control knob perform both gain adjustment and correction of frequency response functions. Together with increase of gain, the correction is deeper.
The amplifier must be used at the end of the transmission line (close to the monitor). 

Technical Features
Device type:
Power supply:
12 V / 90 mA (power adapter not included)
Number of channels:
4 Video
Video transmission range:
max. 1200 m
Video bandwidth:
0  ... 9 MHz
Coaxial socket impedance:
75 Ω
Coaxial socket type:
8  x BNC Straight socket
Main features:
Signal correction
0.128 kg
117  x 30  x 80 mm