Wireless transmission KIT TX-RX 5.8 Ghz for CCTV cameras

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The 90VID8A device is a low power transmitter, which is designed to direct work with CCTV cameras. It allows to radio transmission of the audio and video signals.
The devices are equipped with 20dBi panel antennas, which enable good quality transmission up to 1000m distance.
Devices can work on the one of the seven available frequency channels in 5.8 GHz band. The channel can be selected by board switchers setting after remove the cover first.

Technical Specifications
Number of channels:
Frequency range:
5.740  ... 5.860 GHz

The channels list
Ch 1  = 5.740 GHz
Ch 2  = 5.760 GHz
Ch 3  = 5.780 GHz
Ch 4  = 5.800 GHz
Ch 5  = 5.820 GHz
Ch 6  = 5.840 GHz
Ch 7  = 5.860 GHz
Transmitter power:
< 20 mW
Receiver sensitivity:
-80 dB/m
Transmission range:
max. 1000 m
FM (CCIR 405)
Audio signal level:
1 Vpp / 75 Ω
Antenna beam angle:
10 °
Power supply:
11 V ... 15 V / 200 mA
Proper operation conditions:
·  the kit (transmitter and receiver) supporting the same camera, has to be set to the same channel (switch set to the same number)
·  at the same location, each of used kits has to be set to different channel
·  the transmitter and receiver antennas should be visible to each other (no obstacles like building, walls, trees, etc. between them)
Maximal mast diameter:
Ø 43 mm
Operation temp:
-25 °C ... 70 °C
188  x 188  x 122 mm