Microphone preamplified 12V CCTV

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Microphone module for various uses.

Ideal for adding audio to CCTV cameras that are not equipped, to be connected aa VCR or DVR recording systems of any kind.
Also great for solving the problems of too much noise and / or background noise systems registrazioe ON BOARD motorcycle, rally, karting etc..
Incroporato eliminating the microphone plug into the camera you already own, you can connect this microphone for noise reduction due to the fact that the microphone shall be located at a point + away from the camera itself (in the jacket, pouch, pocket etc).


  • Microphone preamplifier condenser
  • Audio range: 20-2000Hz
  • Power supply: 12 volt
  • Power consumption: Less than 20mA
  • Cable length: 35 cm
  • Jack Audio: RCA female
  • Power Jack: 5.5 mm Jack
  • Color: Black