25A 12V switching power supply stabilized XT-AT1225

VAT-inclusive price

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12V switching power supply 25A stabilized for professional continuous use.
Very robust and completely protected against overloads, short circuits, overheating.

Ideal for video surveillance systems, lighting systems LED and for all applications that require a high amperage 12v and especially a source of quality.

25 A - 12 volts with fine adjustment by trimmer. Power adaptor with three pairs of output terminals.
Attention! If the power adaptor is using for continuous work (24H) the rated current of the adaptor should be less than 80% of the maximal current.
Attention! Three -V adapter terminals are physically connected to each other, as well as the three +V terminals. 

Technical Specifications
Adapter type: Switching
Power voltage: 230  / 115 V AC
Output voltage: 12 V DC
Output voltage adjustment: 10  ... 13.2 V
Maximal load: 25 A
Output power: 300 W
Number of fan coolers: 1 pcs
Number of outputs: 3 pcs
Protections: Overvoltage, Overload
Operation temp. / Relative humidity: -10 °C ... 60 °C / 20 % ... 90 %
Weight: 0.88 kg
Dimensions: 215  x 115  x 50 mm