Redundant power adapter 2IN - 1OUT in custody 90RPS-5

VAT-inclusive price

327 Raccolta Punti

The 90RPS-5 device enables the connection of two power supply adaptors or batteries in parallel. In case of damage one of the power source, the second power source is actived, what ensures continuous work of the whole system.
It is recommended to use the identical power adaptors, and if the power adaptors are equipped with output voltage adjustment, they should be set at the same level. It makes the possibility, that the load of both power adaptors is equal during normal work.
In case of loss of the both power sources, the alarm output is in close state for a few seconds, which informs about powering failure. Alarm can be on or off using a dip-switch connector.
The alarm output and buzzer can be configured (on/off) separately. The device is designed to continuous work indoors. 

Technical Specifications
Number of power inputs:
Number of power outputs:
Maximal power voltage:
9  ... 15 V DC
Maximal power supply current:
terminal connector : 5 A
DC connector 2.1/5.5 mm : 2 A
Protection type:
2  x 5 A 5/20mm delayed fuse
Voltage drop at 5A:
about 40 mV
Current consumption (with alarm buzzer on):
max. 40 mA
Current consumption (normal work):
about 10 mA
Operation temp:
0 °C ... 50 °C
Filter built-in: filter to eliminate interferences
118  x 92  x 37 mm
0.110 kg