High-definition multimedia interface cable HDMI 15M

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High-definition multimedia interface cable HDMI 15M Black
The cable includes HDMI (male) gold plated which ensure a high-quality digital connection capable of transmitting high-definition video signals.
Ideal for connecting a monitor or high-definition TV with devices with HDMI output such as video recorders DVRs, Blu-Ray Disc players, DVD players and satellite and terrestrial decoder.
The HDMI cable is carefully designed and manufactured with materials of the highest quality to ensure outstanding performance with high definition.

Connector type: Straight plug HDMI / Straight plug HDMI
Length of the cable: 15 m
Class of the cable: 26 AWG
HDMI standard: 1.4 
Main features:
·  Flat
·  Very flexible
·  Gold-plated connector prevents the oxidation of contacts


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