Passive PoE RJ45 Splitter Kit - adapters Lan IP - DC

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PoE (Power Over Ethernet) allows to supply power to a network device, protocol compatible PoE via the common LAN cable.
The Passive PoE Splitter Kit replaces the solution of purchasing common switches with PoE ports. XT-SPL28 consists of two pieces: Injector and Splitter .
The function of 'injector is in fact to "inject" the network cable is the connection data and power (taken from a power supply); that the splitter is to separate the two signals at the other end of the network cable.
And 'suitable for use with digital cameras IP that support PoE "Power Over Ethernet"
Applicable for wide range of network products such as Access Points, Routers, IP cameras, modems, switches, embedded computers or other network devices.


Technical Features

  • 1x Iniector  and mains input power.
  • 1x Splitter separator data signal and power.
  • Maximum power: 15 Watt
  • Power Connector: 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm
  • Pair cables used: Positive: PIN 4:05 - Negative: PIN 7:08