Micro coaxial Cable + 2x0, 50 +2 x0.22 75ohm 100m GRII

VAT-inclusive price

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Caution purchase cables, be wary of relatively low prices. Some manufacturers build cables with copper-plated aluminum, which has the same color but lighter, is broken in steps and especially not at all the same yield of copper.

Combined coaxial cable coaxial cable 0.50mm 3mm + 2 + 2 cables 0.22mm

It is a cable coupled, also known as "Siamese" because it consists of sheaths containing different conductors side by side.
The cable is composed of a coaxial cable, 2 conductors from 0.50 mm that can be used, for example, for the transport and 12v DC supply in 2 cables from 0.22mm for audio.
Sheath outer diameter 6.0 mm. White PVC.
Video cable diameter 3mm
Diameter power cable X2 12:50
Diameter power cable X2 00:22