Micro coaxial Cable mcx2b + 2x0, 50 75ohm coaxial gr2 to Metro

VAT-inclusive price

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Caution purchase cables, be wary of relatively low prices. Some manufacturers build cables with copper-plated aluminum, which has the same color but lighter, is broken in steps and especially not at all the same yield of copper.


Coaxial cable coaxial coil combined 3mm + 2 cables 0.50mm GR2

It is a cable coupled, also said "siamese" because composed of 2 side by side sheaths containing different conductors.
The cable is composed of a coaxial cable and from 2 conductors from 0.50 mm that can be used, for example, for the transport power into DC 12v.
Sheath outer diameter 6.0 mm. White PVC.
Video cable diameter 3mm
Diameter power cable X2 12:50

Select the appropriate field the amount of meters required