CCTV Tester Video Monitor HDMI-VGA 7" LCD AHD/PAL Camera

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Monitor Tester Professional for AHD systems Analog (960H / PAL) AHD or 720P, with Display 7 "inch LCD for installation and regulation of CCTV.
With this device you can test analog cameras (CMOS - CCD - AHD: AHD / PAL / NTSC), allowing you to check the angle of vision, focus, brightness and set the various functions of the cameras.
90STAHD is designed for the professional installer and can be used in many situations and projects for the development, calibration, testing and checking of any surveillance system, can check the condition of the camera with ease and speed, allowing you to save the time and cost of installation.
  • Video Input: HDMI to VGA,
  • Video Output: BNC
  • Generator control signal
  • Multilingual OSD menu, including Italian.
  • Power source DC 12V / 2A - Li-Ion 12.6 V


Video standard: AHD, PAL, NTSC
Display: 7 " TFT LCD 800 x 480 
Video input:
·  1 pcs AHD, Cinch socket - AHD-L, AHD-M standards support,
·  1 pcs AHD, BNC socket - AHD-L, AHD-M standards support
·  1 pcs HDMI
·  1 pcs VGA
·  1 pcs Video composite (Cinch)
Video output: 1 pcs Video composite (BNC socket)
Audio inputs: No
Video signal level meter: No
Video signal generator:
·  Test signal generator
·  Eight color-bars generating in multi-tv-system modes
Serial ports: No
LAN (twisted-pair) or telephone cables testing: No
RS-485, RS-232 lines test: No
Identification the wire in the group of wires: No
Audio test: No
Digital multimeter: No
Optical power measurement: No
TDR reflectometer: No
Operation as power source: ·  12 V DC / 2 A
Power supply:
·  Li-Ion battery 12.6 V
·  12 V DC / 1 A (power adapter included)
Backup time: max. 17 hours
Operation: OSD
Main features:
·  Test signal generator
·  DC 12V / 2A power source
Operation temp: -10 °C ... 50 °C
Permissible relative humidity: 30 % ... 90 %
Weight: 0.64 kg
Dimensions: 205  x 154  x 40 mm
Supported languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian