Detector Multifunction 3in1 Metals / Nails / Voltage Ac TS78B

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Detector Multifunction 3in1 Metals / Nails / Voltage Ac Mod. TS78B
Advanced Multifunction detector. Locate:
- Metals
- Nails
- Tensions Ac
Ideal for Construction, assembly, Shipyards Etc. Of Use Easy, Practical, Ergonomic Laptop.
Equipped With Led Indicator And Buzzer Sound For Proper Operation In Detection And To Tell When The Subject From Detect (Metals, Nails, current) is Nearby.
Manual Auto-calibrating instrument What Makes Possible Movement Dell'Unità In Both horizontally and vertically along the wall / Wall What Must Be scanned.
Equipped With n. 3 modes:
- Metal (For Research Metals)
- Stud (To search Nails)
- Voltage (To search Tensions Ac)
The tool also presents n. 2 Knob Use To Adjust The Grade / Level Sensitivity Of Mode Detection Selected.

Technical Specifications:
  • Test wood: Wood Compound, 10mm
  • Test Metal: Diameter 20mm, Iron Pipes (Profond. 25mm)
  • Test voltage AC: Electric Cables 220Vac Depth 35mm
  • Environmental Conditions: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C, 30-80% Rh
  • Battery: 6F22, 9V battery (included)