Motor unit driver

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The SOT-5 motor unit driver is designed to cooperation with pan/tilt motor units and motozoom lenses. The driver executes the commands from devices with RS-485 telemetry transmitter, eg control panels, DVRs, video capture cards, video servers. The device casing is designed to outdoor mounting to a wall or to a mast with a tie. 
ATTENTION! Switch the power off during cables connecting.
The picture below shows the jumpers settings for ID number and protocol: 
C) For the purpose of service
D) TEST. When switched to the test function, the controller turns on two seconds, by one, all the possible voltage at each of its outputs. Thus, when properly connected, the rotator moves on two seconds up, down, left, right, etc. Test function allows us to check the driver and the connections between the rotator and the lens.
1) Zoom
14) To the camera (12V DC power supply)
13) To the transmission line
12) To the motor unit
11) To the camera lens
10) ground
9) common
8) Twisted-pair cable (1 pair)
7) left
6) up
5) down
4) auto
3) Focus
2) ground
15) To the 24V AC power adapter


Technical features
Number of operating motor units:
1 pcs
Camera power output:
12 V DC / 0.4 A
Current consumption in waiting mode:
50 mA
Maximal current load of directions outputs:
0.5 A
Maximal current load of ZOOM, FOCUS outputs:
0.1 A
RS-485 transmission baud rates:
2400, 4800, 9600 bps
Available protocols:
Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Delta-M
Short-circuit outputs protection:
Motor unit control:
·  right
·  left
·  down
·  up
·  right down
·  right up
·  left down
·  left up
·  autoscan
Camera control:
·  Zoom - focal length adjustment
·  Focus - sharpness adjustment
Control socket type:
Power socket type:
Power supply:
24 V AC
0.11 kg
112  x 37  x 91 mm