DVR Capture Card 4 channel video + 4 ch audio H.264 100fps

VAT-inclusive price

499 Raccolta Punti

This card pc dvr 4 channel video + 4 audio channels ideal for video surveillance of large areas both for business and domestic use allowing the installation of up to 8 cameras BNC composite video inputs available to and up to 8 channels of audio using the RCA inputs.

High quality H.264 (HIGH DEFINITION PICTURE TO THE MAXIMUM COMPRESSION) and easy to use, this DVR card is inserted into a PC with the supplied video surveillance software will allow you not only to save each video channel on your hard disk, but also to manage everything through remote software
Recording channels can be in: motion detect, set the start and end timer, remote or alarm.
Record audio and video real-time on 4 cameras. Maximum recording frames (FPS capture image per second) is 100 frames then we will have 4 cameras max frames at 25 fps (REAL TIME).

We would like to point out that the software management card dvr 4 channels are in Italian


Processors NEXTCHIP NVS 1204

Main functions:
  • Searching for files (movies) on the basis of: date, event, motion detect
  • CYCLE continuous recording, timer, motion detect, each of these functions can be adjusted separately, for each channel.
  • Real-time video compression, hard disk low-power, 30-150M per hour of action for each channel
  • Supports PTZ control for speed dome cameras.
  • Supports dynamic IP
  • Remote Support IE BASED.
  • Supporting motherboard 865-965
  • Support multi-channel image compression
  • Support Mpeg - selectable frame 1-30
  • RATIO video compression 150-200M/H/CH
  • Expandable up to 32 channels in a PC.
  • Management through automatic motion tracking software
  • Compression: H.264 / MPEG-4
  • Preview resolution: 704x576 (PAL) 640x480 (NTSC)
  • 4CH Video Input (NTSC / PAL)
  • Total recording frame: 100fps (PAL), 120fps (NTSC)
  • Recording Resolution: 352X288 (PAL) 320X240 (NTSC)
  • Audio Input: 4ch
  • Support IE browser and Netvision

Download the user to have a preview of the software!