Fake Wireless Box Dummy Camera TVCC motorized with LED IR

VAT-inclusive price

80 Raccolta Punti

Box Camera Wireless fake plastic, with operator system with lateral movement (PAN - Right / Left) and IR detector LED red that simulates the motion sensor. Installed on the wall or ceiling.
Equal to the real analog camera / digital used in CCTV systems. It is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) and comes with a switch to activate and deactivate this function.
The cheapest solution against thieves.
This camera is for both indoor and outdoor use (installed under roofs or balconies - Waterproof IP30). It 'easy to install, in fact there are no wires to be connected.
Dimension: 150x 50x19(H) mm
Included in the package, Targa Adhesive (110x110mm) "CCTV Security System".
Mod. C-DS2200M