Monitor wireless camera inspection fiberscope

VAT-inclusive price

1249 Raccolta Punti

Camera for exploration in hard to reach places, thanks to its flexible hose allows one meter to reach tight spots, such as hidden corners, engines, and much more. The image taken from the end of the tube is taken on the color LCD monitor.

The LCD monitor has rechargeable battery (included) and comes with 2.4Ghz wireless transceiver system that allows the separation of the gun / telecamera.In this way you can use the cameras and send a few meters images via radio.


-Hidden camera in a tube
-1 / 4 C-Mos 2-color LED adjustable lighting to
-Very small size
-Monitor removable 2.5 "video output
-Wireless System
-Equipped with accessories
-Length 1 meter


- Fiber-optic 1 m
- Gun-mounted with dimmer.
- LCD-rechargeable
- Charger
- Clamp-magnetic
- Mirror-angled
- Accessories
- Operating instructions in English