Video Overvoltage limiter Symmetric Line

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Overvoltage limiter effectively protects signal line carrying away the stroke current to the ground, due to above provides adequate overvoltage protection for electronic devices.
Device is designed for applications with differential video signal transmission via twisted-pair cable. The 90OPV-1Sdoes not affect signal quality and is a passive device, no supplying is required.
Ultra-high-speed switching diodes of large admission power have been applied in the device. If there is a voltage over 2.4V between the signal line and the ground, the diodes will short close the circuit instantly, eliminating the device damage.
The 90OPV-1S can be also used to digital recorders and capture cards protection.
The 90OPV-1S should be connected to good quality grounding installation. The limiter should be placed as near as possible to the guarded appliance. 

Protected line:
Threshold voltage:
> 2.4 V (wire/wire)
> 18.4 V (wire/ground)
Maximum stroke current:
30 A (t=8.3ms)
Reaction time:
15 ns
Indirect, via Gas Spark Arrester and grounding bolt
Input socket type:
Cable terminals
Output socket type:
Cable terminals
Operation temp:
- 50  ... 55 °C
Permissible relative humidity:
< 95 %
0.06 g