Mini Balun UTP telephone cable for distances up to 600m

VAT-inclusive price

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These small devices allow the sending of video signals over long distances without loss of quality.
Basically convert the coaxial cable of simple telephone cable UTP (twisted pair)
The advantage is the fact that the telephone has a cost significantly lower than coaxial.
With a minimal investment, you can save a lot of connections + € or longer.
Another advantage, is that of being able to use a telephone system already present without having to switch back the coaxial cable which, given its thickness, is even more difficult passable in the tubes.
Price for the pair.


- Maximum output: 1.1 volts pp
- Ratio of loss: <1.5db
- Rejection Ratio: <15dB
- Interference: 70db
- Transmission distance colors: 400 mt
- Transmission distance B / W: 600 meters
- BNC Resistance: 75ohm
- UTP Resistance: 100 ohms
- Operating temperature: -25 to + 70 ° C
- Recommended cable: UTP CAT5


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