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DVR / NVR Lite Compact 1U TRIBRID 16CH CCTV HDCVI - PAL - IP - Recording HD Ready 720p 16CH@25fps - Dahua Mod. HCVR4116HS-S2
NEW Video recorders Dahua "S2" series with TRI-HYBRID technology, can handle ANALOG-HDCVI-IP cameras, make it easy to upgrade the old analog systems with the integration of high-definition cameras and IP HDCVI up to 1080P 2mpx.
Dahua introduces the new series S2, the innovative technology "UTP EQ Function" that reduces noise picked up by the network cable in systems with Video Balun and now allows you to transmit video signal HDCVI up to 1100 mt. HD Ready 720P and 800 meters in FUll HD 1080P!
HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is the new technology in the world of video surveillance that allows images FullHD / HDReady (720p-1080p) over long distances using the micro coaxial cable used for the installation of traditional analog cameras. With this technology you can get the same results in the world of IP analog channels, providing a private and installers easy installation, low cost, with surprising results from the added value in the field of video surveillance.
In addition, the technology allows you to manage HDCVI via coaxial cable signals and parameters of the camera: HDCVI Video, Audio, OSD Menu parameters and control signals PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom). This allows you to radically simplify the installation and future configurations of the OSD menu of the camera.
The HDCVI video surveillance products not requiring the replacement of the cables of the old analog system nor the IP system conversion, HDCVI technology is the best solution to improve existing systems bringing them from standard definition to high definition 720p / 1080p.
  • Standard Support CCTV: HDCVI / Analog / IP
  • Video compression H.264 dual-stream
  • All recording channels 720P realtime 
  • Simultaneous video output HDMI / VGA
  • 4/8/16 channels, GRID interface and intelligent search
  • ONVIF compliant Version 2.4
  • 3D intelligent positioning with Dahua PTZ dome camera
  • It Supports 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB, 2 USB2.0
  • Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS (DSS / PSS Smart) Smartphone (DMSS)
  • NVR menu in English only


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Technical features
Standard: HD-CVI, PAL, TCP/IP
Maximal total frame rate:
400 fps @ 1280 x 720 px,
400 fps @ 960 x 576 px,
400 fps @ 704 x 576 px,
400 fps @ 352 x 288 px
·  IP : 50 fps @ 1920 x 1080 px
Recording speed adjustment:
·  IP :
1 ... 25 fps @ 1920 x 1080 
·  HD-CVI, PAL :
1 ... 25 fps @ 1280 x 720 
1 ... 25 fps @ 960 x 576 
1 ... 25 fps @ 704 x 576 
1 ... 25 fps @ 352 x288 
for each channel
Operation modes:
·  16 x HD-CVI / PAL
·  15 x HD-CVI / PAL + 1 x IP 1080p
·  14 x HD-CVI / PAL + 2 x IP 1080p
·  2 x IP 1080p
Video inputs: 16 pcs BNC, HD-CVI / PAL
Video outputs: 1 pcs HDMI
1 pcs VGA
Audio inputs: 1 pcs CINCH
Audio outputs: 1 pcs CINCH
Image compression method: H.264
Number of compression levels:
Image records resolutions:
·  HD-CVI, PAL :
1280 x 720 
960 x 576 
704 x 576 
352 x 288 
·  IP : 1920 x 1080 
Recording modes: Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule
Supported hard drives: 1  x 6 TB SATA
External storage devices backup: Save single frames and whole records from DVR drive to the USB drive
Searching and playback the records: Records searching: by time + timeline with record type. Playback: forward, fast, slow, step
Advanced searching (to the one second accuracy)
Network functions: Network Client Software and IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera browser: live view, playback and backup the records, partial configuration of the recorder parameters
Mobile phones support:
Port no.: 37777 or access by a cloud
·  Android: Free application gDMSS Lite
·  iOS (iPhone): Free application iDMSS Lite
·  Windows Phone: Free application wDMSS Lite
There are also paid versions of mobile applications: gDMSS Plus, iDMSS Plus, wDMSS plus
Multi-operation: Pentaplex
Alarm inputs / outputs: No
PTZ control: RS-485 PELCO-D/P
Motion Detection: Split the screen into 22 x 18 motion zones, very good sensitivity, after motion detection records detected channels only
Mouse support: Yes
IR remote controller in the set: No
Power supply: 12 V DC / 2 A (power adapter included)
Weight: 1.02 kg
Dimensions: 260  x 239  x 47 mm
Supported languages: English
Country of origin: China