Dual technology motion detector IMA15AM Antimasking 15mt
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Dual technology detector with anti-blinding equipped with Fresnel lens flat (cylindrical) interchangeably.

Inclination of the rays sensitive installations at different heights from 2.1 meters, you can adjust the position of the pyroelectric sensor, translating the printed circuit up or down. Interchangeable lenses: the Fresnel volume factory, can be replaced with curtain lens or long-range options.


IMA15 AM COD. 80IM3200211

Data Sheet


- Nominal 15 m (wide angle lens)
- 15 m nominal (curtain lens)
- 30 m nominal (Section IR-OR logic - long range lens)
IR coverage:
- 108 ° (wide angle lens)
MW coverage: 90 ° horizontal - 36 ° vertical
Sensitive areas:
- 31 on 4 floors (wide angle lens)
- 1 out of 1 floor (curtain lens)
- 7 on 4 floors (long range lens)
Protected PIR: The PIR sensitive element is completely protected from disturbances due to insects and / or air drafts which might generate false alarms.
Protection halogen light: The lens coloring prevents false alarms that may be generated if the sensitive element be hit by white light rays.
Anti-masking: The sensor detects the masking both the microwave section is
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Name Dual technology motion detector IMA15AM Antimasking 15mt
SKU 80IM3200211
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