Why Liberotech?

Liberotech.it was born as an online sales activity for products related to Video Surveillance, Automation, and security in general, delivered throughout the European territory. Born somewhat on a whim, partly as a "challenge," Liberotech-store is now a significant all-Italian reality, a point of reference for installers, retailers, and enthusiasts in the industry.

Liberotech.it is characterized as an innovative player in the landscape of Italian e-commerce; its distinctive elements are:

Seriousness and reliability

Seriousness and reliability can be found in the positive reviews received from our customers.

Custom payments

Tailored payment solutions for every Customer's need.

Immediate shipments

Liberotech ships throughout the European territory with super-fast delivery times.

Internal Care Team

Expert customer support committed to helping you answer your questions and guide you towards the ideal solution.

Liberotech is the official distributor of the following brands:

  1. ciao 1
  2. ciao 2
  3. ciao 3

Our story


Welcome to Liberotech, where our story is woven with passion, challenge, and evolution. It all started with an idea, a vision to create a place where security, innovation, and convenience merge into a single experience.

One day, with a touch of audacity and the desire to do something extraordinary, we brought Liberotech to life with the goal of offering cutting-edge products to a wide audience. What seemed like a playful beginning quickly grew, fueled by our dedication and the enthusiastic response from our growing community of customers.

We have become a reference point throughout Italy, a significant presence in the Italian e-commerce landscape for installers, retailers, and security enthusiasts. Every day, we strive to exceed expectations, not only by providing high-quality products but also by creating an environment where seriousness and reliability are at the heart of everything we do.

Our story is not just a business journey; it's a tale of human connections, of passionate individuals coming together to create something extraordinary. From every positive review received from our customers, we are inspired to keep improving and pushing the boundaries.

At Liberotech, we are more than an online store. We are a community that shares a vision of smart security, innovation, and impeccable customer service. Every customer is an integral part of our story, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your experience with us is unforgettable.

Every feedback, every question, and every challenge propels us to grow, learn, and innovate. Our customer support team is here to listen to you, guide you through your needs, and ensure you have the perfect solution for your security.

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