Rivelatore Esterno doppia tecnologia PIR + microonda VXI-DAM
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12m wide, twin sensor, outdoor combined PIR and micro-wave technology sensor with active IR anti-masking. - OPTEX VXI-DAM-X5 (10.525GHz)
The combination of passive-infrared and micro-wave technology gives an ultimate stability in more challenging enviroment where the detector will be exposed to strong sun light or light from the traffic.
Integrated algorithm of both PIR and Microwave provides  the ultimate stability in detection performance. In a field  where strong sun hits the land or facing direct light beams from traffic, DAM/RDAM offers higher false alarm immunity. 
Digital Double Layer Detection
Both an upper and a lower detection areas must simultaneously be  crossed to generate an alarm.  The detections are independently analyzed so that a misleading coincidence of events can be filtered out. This technology virtually eliminates detections of smaller animals in the premises.
SMDA logic (Super Multidimensional Analysis)
All VXI models are equipped with a digitally enhanced signal  recognition logic called SMDA. SMDA improves immunity against  various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sways. VXIs expands applicable fields and reliability beyond what VX-402 was capable
  • 12m wide angle twin sensor detector
  • Combined passive infra-red (PIR) and micro-wave technology
  • Digital double layer detection
  • Advanced SMDA target recognition detection circuit
  • Active IR anti-masking
  • 5x adjustable detection ranges
  • 5x detection pattern options (5 pre-cut masking seals included)
  • Small animal tolerance function
  • 90º detection pattern, rotatable through 180º
  • Auxilary input for use with second detection device or photocell
  • IP55 weather protection
  • Multi tamper protection
  • Wired Model.

Scheda Tecnica
Modalità di rilevazione
rilevazione passiva di infrarossi e microonde
Copertura rivelatore PIR
ampiezza m 12 / 14 zone
Limite di distanza PIR
da m 12 a m 1.5 (5 livelli)
Velocità di rilevazione
da 0.3 a 1.5 m/s
2.0°C @ 0.6 m/s
da 9.5 a 18Vc.c.
25mA (max.) @ 12Vc.c.
Durata allarme
2.0 ± 1 s
Tempo di riscaldamento
circa 60 s (LED lampeggia)
Uscita d’allarme
selezionabile N.C. / N.A. 0.1A @ 10Vc.c. (max.)
Uscita di guasto
N.C. 0.1A @ 10Vc.c. (max.)
Indicatore LED
rosso: riscaldamento, allarme, rilevazione funzione antimascheramento
giallo: riscaldamento, rilevazione microonda
Interferenza RF
nessun allarme fino a 10V/m
Temperatura di funzionamento
da –20°C a +60°C
95% max.
Grado di protezione
Posizioni di fissaggio
a parete, a palo (in esterno / in interno)
Altezza di fissaggio
da m 0.8 a m 1.2
Peso g
Accessori a corredo
Viti (4x20mm) x2, spugnetta a copertura fori di passaggio cavi x3, adesivi di mascheramento x3


Ulteriori informazioni
Nome Rivelatore Esterno doppia tecnologia PIR + microonda VXI-DAM
Spedizione Spedizione 24/48H
Garanzia Garanzia 2 anni
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